Unlocking Potential with Technology: How to Support Organizational Development

Organizational development and technology are closely intertwined, and in the 21st century, developing countries are focusing on adopting technology as far as possible within organizations. Information Technology (IT) is the most frequently used type of technology, and organizations leverage it to support their overall strategy. Technology can flatten the structure of an organization by developing functional connections that replace vertical information relationships, and the speed of the Internet and the availability of technology allow for a much more efficient working day. To evaluate employee performance, hospitality companies use different software programs, such as Small Improvements, TribeHR or HRM Direct.

With the help of the IT department, organizations can offer a better product offering. Successful organizational development (OD) interventions are the result of data-based processes that rely heavily on information technology. Performance development is a primary focus and, over the years, coaching is gaining popularity as a management development activity to facilitate organizational change. The changing nature of data, workforce dynamics, and market changes are shaping the nature of current and future organizations and OD practices.

One way to achieve this transformation is by developing a virtual assessment center (VAC) that leverages emerging technologies to allow participants from around the world to participate. Alison Murdock, director of marketing at SocialChorus, suggests that companies develop or use technology that makes information appear when (and where) employees are most likely to consult based on their previous engagement behavior. We enable leaders to leverage their strengths to drive engagement, thought retention and, most importantly, the performance of talented professionals to unlock their potential across the organization. A combination of efforts is needed on the part of all employees in the organization to obtain the best result from the use of technology.

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