The Goals of Organizational Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Organizational development initiatives are designed to create a positive work environment, provide opportunities for growth and development, and ensure that employees feel valued and supported. The primary goal of organizational development is improvement, but this can mean different things for different organizations. In this article, we'll explore the various ways in which organizational development affects the life cycle of an organization, as well as the key components of OD and how it works in tandem with human resources.Organizational development is an interdisciplinary field of behavioral science research that exists to improve people's workplaces. The AIHR Organizational Development Certificate Program is specifically designed for HR professionals who want to learn how and when to apply OD techniques to their work.

Companies often take steps towards innovation by investigating their organizational structure and where they can introduce improvements. The organizational development professional is part manager, part animator and part organizational psychologist. Organizational development in HR involves changes and improvements in the processes and structures that are part of HR responsibility. The key components of OD include organizational evaluation, intervention strategies, and evaluation and feedback. Kurt Lewin, considered the father of organizational development, limited himself to saying that the process of change consists of unfreezing, changing and refreezing. Trust is essential to align with the organizational development process.

Organizational development is an essential process for any company that wants to remain competitive and successful over time. The organizational development professional must know the past and present of an organization, its successes and failures, its competitors and partners. In this way, organizational development and human resources work together to identify how existing workers can be better used to increase profits. Organizational development was given the identity of the “change process” when scientists, organizational psychologists, and business-minded academics began to investigate and formalize it. Many universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs geared specifically toward a career in organizational development. Organizational development is a powerful tool for any organization looking to improve their performance.

It can help create a positive work environment, provide opportunities for growth and development, ensure employees feel valued and supported, and ultimately increase profits. By understanding the goals of organizational development, HR professionals can better equip themselves with the knowledge needed to apply OD techniques to their work.

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